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Specializing in the Following

MDS Coordinator
Director of Nursing
Nursing Home Administrator
Assisted Living Director
Business Office Manager
Regional Clinical and Operational Management
Full-time employee retention rate over last three years is 98%.
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Director of Nursing

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator

Why Work With Us?

Polaris Group Recruiters have more than 90 plus years of combined experience in recruiting. Let our experience and expertise assist you in finding your next position or your next invaluable team member.
The top Senior Living companies trust our expertise when it comes to assisting them in finding the perfect fit for the open positions within their organizations. Our prospective job applicants depend on our proficiency to assist them in finding the perfect career opportunity.
Our due diligence in matching the perfect candidate to the perfect job ensures satisfaction to both the client and the new team member.
Results Driven
Our satisfaction rates from both clients and candidates and the retention of placed team members show Polaris Group's Recruiting Team gets the job done.
Partnering with Polaris was the best career move I could have made during my 15 years as a Registered Nurse. The Polaris team was diligent in placing me with a facility that was a perfect fit for my leadership style and knowledge base.  Although this was supposed to be a temporary contract assignment, it became my permanent place of employment. Thank you Polaris Group Team for always looking out for my best interest and being there for support day or night."
Manuel Duque, RN, DON
Sinai Residences of Boca Raton

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