About Quality Healthcare Resources

You're dedicated to your residents. We're dedicated to your financial success.
For over a decade, Quality Healthcare Resources has helped skilled nursing providers to focus on their primary objective: caring for patients and residents. We expertly manage the billing and financial aspects of communities, helping them unlock the time and money they need to provide world-class care and continue to grow.

At Quality Healthcare Resources, we understand being dedicated to those you care for. It’s what drives our commitment to our clients and our unparalleled pursuit of results.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Aaron Hellman is the founding partner and President of Quality Healthcare Resources and has a strong background in long-term care facilities management. His extensive industry experience, including seven years with the CareTech Group, has developed his skills in all aspects of long-term care management and efficiency. Aaron's hands-on approach is a valuable asset to all the facilities that trust their financial needs to QHCR.


Steve Eisikovic is a founding partner and CFO of Quality Healthcare Resources. Prior to his role at QHCR, Steve spent many years as a CPA for the prestigious Martin Friedman Accounting firm in New York where he specialized in accounting and audits for nursing home facilities. Steve holds a Master's Degree in Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University and oversees all financial transactions at QHCR.

Director of A/R

Chaim Cohen holds a Master's Degree in Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University and is a Certified Public Accountant. In his role as Director of A/R, Chaim oversees all aspects of the A/R department and identifies ways to improve client collections and cash flow. Prior to joining QHCR, Chaim was the Director of Revenue Cycle for a national nursing home billing consulting company. In his role, he oversaw the accounts receivable operations for several large nursing home chains and implemented innovative processes to enable the highest level of collections. Chaim was also the CFO for a corporate nursing home chain where he was responsible for the company's financial oversight as well as A/R, AP, Payroll, Accounting, and Purchasing. Chaim's hands-on financial experience in the nursing home industry, proven leadership abilities, and overall knowledge of the accounts receivable and collections process ensures that Quality Healthcare Resources' A/R department maximizes results for its clients.

Kristy Brown
Director of Revenue Cycle Management Services

Kristy Brown has 40+ years of experience in the long-term care industry. She has worked in the healthcare finance field at multiple corporate levels as well as owned a long-term care facility. In her role as Director of Revenue Cycle Management Services for Quality Healthcare Resources, Kristy oversees A/R clean up services, financial analyses, and client support.

Sara Kranz
Director of Human Resources

Sara Kranz is the Director of Human Resources for Quality Healthcare Resources. Sara began her human resources and recruiting career in 1996 when she joined PCS, a non-profit agency created to help people in Lakewood find meaningful employment. Since then, Sara has gone on to serve as HR Director at Youthline USA (now Achieve3000), build her own recruiting company, and consult on cross-cutting HR initiatives including recruitment and in-house training programs. In her role as Director of Human Resources at QHCR, Sara oversees recruitment, employee retention, and training.

Ready to bring your talent to our team?
Explore our open positions on the Assembly Health careers page.

Ready to bring your talent to our team?

Explore our open positions on the Assembly Health careers page.