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Specializing in the Following Positions:

Interim MDS Coordinator
Interim Director of Nursing
Interim Nursing Home Administrator
Interim Assisted Living Director
Interim Regional Clinical or Operational Manager
30+ Years
We have been providing specialty nursing and healthcare consulting services to our clients nationwide for over 30 years.
97% of our interim assignments are extended, and our retention rate for our contactors is top in the industry!

Why Work With Us

We treat our clients and candidates with honesty and integrity while fostering a strong spirit of collaboration. We continuously strive to build authentic, caring, long-term relationships that focus on listening, responsiveness, and problem-solving.
Payer Tracking
We are proud to say that our relationships with our clients and candidates are firmly founded on a sense of trust and honesty. We believe in being standouts for the credibility we demonstrate to our long-standing and new clients alike.
Patient Funding
Being truly accessible to our clients and candidates is a valuable trait of Polaris Group. We are as accessible to our candidates as we are to the clients that we serve every day.
We are sincere in our treatment of everyone we serve. We believe in saying what we do, then doing what we say.
Working with Polaris Group has been a wonderful experience that allows me to utilize my skills to assist facilities. My recruiters are accessible and supportive while providing me with current information and guidance when needed. Polaris Group provides its clients and staff with top notch professional assistance. Polaris Group is the best!”
Darnisha Boykin, BSN, RN
MDS Coordinator

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