How Goldner Capital Management achieved 98% collections with expert revenue cycle management services

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November 21, 2022
November 21, 2022
Polaris Group Profile
Polaris Group
November 21, 2022

In 2018, Goldner Capital Management chose QHCR as its RCM services provider. See what Goldner achieved through the partnership!

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Meet Goldner Capital Management

Goldner Capital Management is a specialist in the post-acute care market and an owner and operator of skilled nursing portfolios across the United States. The company plays an active role in streamlining operational efficiencies in partnership with regional operating companies.

Sam Goldner, founder and CEO of Goldner Capital Management explained, “Skilled nursing communities are an important part of our nation’s healthcare infrastructure. We’re proud to help facilities realize their clinical, financial, and cultural potential.”

Getting started with QHCR: outsourced billing for new facilities

In 2018, Goldner Capital Management chose Quality Helathcare Resources (QHCR) to provide revenue cycle management services to 11 of its Missouri facilities. The facilities were brand new, so QHCR was responsible for establishing full billing and A/R processes from the ground up.

"Our firm was very familiar with outsourcing financial services and Quality Healthcare Resources is a leader in the industry,” shared Goldner. “We liked that they had a clear strategy for setting up billing operations in these new facilities. QHCR also had a lot of experience working with in-facility staff and corporate teams."

QHCR quickly established its comprehensive revenue cycle management solution, including streamlined billing processes, aggressive follow-up for unpaid claims, and full-cycle billing analyses to correct and re-bill denied claims. It also implemented its unique Payer Tracking solution to ensure every resident had a confirmed payer for the duration of their care.

“We were impressed and frankly hadn’t realized just how methodical and assertive QHCR’s strategies were. They really set a new, high bar for net collections,” shared Goldner.

Achieving 98% collections for other struggling facilities

Ten months after beginning their partnership with QHCR, the Goldner firm acquired three facilities whose billing was managed by another outsourcing company. The facilities suffered from mounting A/R and their collection rates were only 87%. The Goldner firm decided to bring in QHCR to turn around the situation.

Within one year, QHCR had successfully increased net collections to 98% and collected $2.5M in aged claims. The net impact was a 3.6X return on investment with QHCR in just 12 months.

“A 98% collection rate and $2.5M in recovered revenue— the numbers speak for themselves,” reflected Goldner. “This is why we work with experts. I don’t need to worry about PDPM changes or the intricacies of Managed Care. I have QHCR for that.”

Supporting Goldner Capital Management’s growth

The Goldner portfolio has steadily grown and with it, so has the QHCR partnership. QHCR supports Goldner acquisitions with underwriting and continues to handle revenue cycle management, P&Ls, cash management, and monthly financials for 42 Goldner-owned facilities. QHCR has become an expert extension of the Goldner team and it is a key partner as the firm brings more facilities onboard.

“Quality Healthcare Resources has been an important part of our growth and we value them as our financial partner,” shared Sam Goldner. “Outsourced billing requires expertise, trust, and tenacity. QHCR has all three.”

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