why outsource

More and more Long-term facilities are recognizing the benefits of outsourcing their medical billing, financials, payroll and other business office needs.

Besides freeing up the time of their employees to focus on providing the best care to their residents, it also ensures that all billing and financial aspects of the facility are managed by professionals skilled at improving claim approvals, and streamlining all the business office aspects of the facility.

Some of the primary benefits of outsourcing to Quality Healthcare Resources:

Increased collection rates
Innovative Billing System
Monthly Billing Analytics Report
99% Claim Approval
Aggressive Tracking & Collections
Insurance Monitoring
Medicaid Approval Process
Patient Funding Oversight
Bank Record Reconciliation
Invoice Analysis
CPA Audit Assistance
Simplified Payroll
Monthly Financial Statements
Complete Purchasing Integration
Streamlined A/R Services
Increase Your Bottom Line
Save Money on Payroll
Flat Monthly Fee
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